Vintage Cast Iron Stove - Globe Stove & Range Company

This is a Vintage Cast Iron Stove, made by Globe Stove & Range Company out of Kokomo, Indiana . Best guess as to when it made was very early 1900's. Appears to have very little rust, includes all caps, turn handles, and covers. Stove is in absolute beautiful shape, the pictures simply DO NOT do it justice! This would make a fabulous addition to anyone's antique collection!

This stove belongs to my grandmother who has had it FOREVER. She used it in the past, has taken extremely good care of it, and now it just sits in her basement as a decorative piece... She is now in the process of "cleaning house".

I will be more than happy to take any additional pictures of any other parts you would like in more detail. Also, If you have any questions, I will try to get as much information out of my grandmother as I possibly can...

Please keep in mind this stove is for pick-up only... it is quite heavy.