Vintage Castle Lego 6079 Dark Forest Fortress complete w/ box & instructions

Lego Set 6079 Dark Forest Fortress - Complete with instructions and box

You are bidding on Lego System� 6079, Dark Forest Fortress. This is a set from the Dark Forest Castle theme. It is 100% complete, and includes the box, instructions, a product catalog, and a Lego Direct order form. It was purchased at retail in North America (Texas), and has had a single owner (me), residing in a smoke-free home and out of direct sunlight. The pieces are clean, and in excellent condition. The instructions are flat and clean, and the box is in excellent condition.

My definition of "100% complete" is based on the inventory for the set found on the Brick Link web site. All regular items and minifigs listed in that inventory are present, and some of the "extra" items may be as well, but the "extra" items are not guaranteed to be present. They are not needed to build the set.

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