Vintage Cat Clock Kit Kat Clock Loud Alarm

This is the LOUDEST alarm clock you have ever heard! It is battery operated, and the door on its bootm is gone. I have taped the instructions there. The batteries don't fall out even if the paper isn't there, but believe me if this thing goes off, you want to know how to turn if OFF! It is a trumpet playing what sounds like the song from a horse racing track, and then the kitty's voice saying "Good Morning!" (My 4 year old granddaughter set it twice Thanksgiving weekend and left it in the toy room. She has a real sense of humor.)

This clock was made by Jinmei with quartz alarm and movement- Japan. There is some paint missing on the trumpet. Thanks for asking.

Okay, I can spell bottom; I didn't proofread the description. The bottom door isn't there, and that is where I have the instructions taped.

Just learned a lesson this morning. Although I have call this my cat clock, and it was marked cat clock when I bought it at the church bazaar, it really isn't a cat. A fellow ebayer said check out: NORAKURO on wikipedia;

I did , and he looks just like that dog character. I am so sorry for listing it wrong and I will understand if anyone wants to retract the bid.