Vintage Glass Lamp Shade
Hand-Painted circa late 1920s
with Original Ceiling Fixture
This is a vintage late-1920s lamp shade for a ceiling mounted lamp fixture. The glass shade has an amber or honey colored tint to it and when lit from the inside gives off a beautiful golden light. I inserted an incandesant light bulb into the shade for one of the photos to give an idea of the color (see photo). The shade and fixture were from my Grandparents home. I was hoping to use it in our home, but t is not a spot for it.

The shade is hand painted with birds and butterflies amid some floral scenery. The shade is in very good to excellent condition for its age. T are no cracks, scratches or stains on the shade and the painted colors are still very vivid. The interior of the shade is also in great shape. The only sign of wear is along the colar w it is a bit rough from w it attaches to the fixture. However, the rough edge is hidden when the shade is in place on the fixture.

The lamp shade is about 8.5" tall and 7.5" across. The opening on the shade is 4" across. The shade comes with the original fixture hardware, but the wiring definitely needs to be replaced. Otherwise the fixture is in very good condition and would work just fine today. If the fixture and shade were mounted on a ceiling the bottom of the shade would

Please feel free to email me with any questions. Thanks for looking.

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