Vintage Celluloid Rhinestone bracelet/barrette set.

. It's with a bit of reluctance that I list this fabulous set. A part of me wants to keep it but that's not possible so I hope it will go to someone who loves it almost as much as I do. The bangle and barrette are an exact match even though they did not come together. They are perfect and just lovely. The sparkly gold (t's a name for it but I can't think of it) and the sparkly green rhinestones are the perfect compliment to each other. The rhinestones are the original and all are bright and shiny. The rhinestones do not sit on top but rather a hole was carved out of the celluloid for each one. It is secure and well made. It has lasted almost 100 years! I usually can't wear a bangle that doesn't open as it ends up being too large on my wrist but this one is the exception. It glides on and sits nice and compact. Perhaps the reason is because it is flat. The barrette and bangle are over 80 years old and both are in perfect (mint) condition. You can have either long, short or in between hair length to wear the barrette and it holds and holds and does not slip or open. My little Maltese, Larry is my model to show you how it will hold all hair. He has baby fine hair and it stays in. I just love this set and I know you will too. It is simple and yet very elegant. I really love jewelry from the Roaring Twenties. I somehow identify with those ... read more