Vintage Ceramic Enesco Draught Draft Horse E 4235 NR

My Neighbor asked me if I thought I could sell some of her Things from when she was a Kid, so I told her I would, they are. I don't really know much about these and I couldn't find them in any internet searches. I am currently listing two different Enesco Porcelain Horses but this auction is for the Grey 'Bobbed-Tail' Horse Figurine only. I have included a Photo of the two together for Illustration only.

These two make a very Nice Set and I'd offer them as a Pair but some people only like certain Breeds or Colors so they go seperatly. I will however, combine shipping - two ship as cheaply as one.

Both Figurines still have their Original Enesco Japan Imports Red/Gold Foil Stickers on their Bellies and Both Horses are stamped E-4235 . This Horse also has a Number 276 incised on the inside of the Left Rear Leg.

This Porcelain Horse is in just about Perfect Condition, minor ding to His Right Ear (see Photo) it almost looks like one of his Markings but it's rough so I'm calling it a Chip... I would consider that to be the''Off' side anyway as the Rippling Muscles of his Left side are so well defined ...Dramatic.

This Horse Statue stands 5 3/4 Inches tall and 6 1/2 Inches long.

Beautiful Musculature and a very Handsome Face - these are obviously very Powerful Horses but I forgot to ask
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