Vintage Chalkware Bookends Mexican Playing Guitar 1938

Vintage 1938 Chalkware Bookends
Guitar Playing Mexican
Pair of matching bookends, chalkware with a shiny glaze, felt on bottom, on the inside flat side I can make out the word IVOR, which may say IVORY. 1938 is carved into the mold on the side bottom.
One bookend has 4 large chips and was repaired and painted with acrylics, the foot on the left, the cactus at top, the front of the hat and a chip to the pinkie finger (marked BOOKEND #2 in the photos). It also had a broken piece near the top that was reglued on at some point in it's life.
The other bookend had more minor chips, just a few creating white spots and a chip to the side of the hat brim, these were painted, (marked BOOKEND #1 in the photos).
They measure 6" high, the footprint is 5.5" x 3.5" and weigh slightly over 2 lbs each.