Vintage Cheetah or Cheetaracha BODY for ISO Fulcrum Chassis by COX used Slot Car

Vintage COX Red Cheetah or also called Cheetaracha body #16040, 16050, 16070 all a ISO-Fulcrum Chassis I think??? Slot Car Used
NOTE: Missing lower front grille valance and the front inside posts have been trimmed off, also bottom of manifold has been removed under side of hood, But does have the chrome roll bar inside the windshield that is usually missing. ? The body looks like it has holes for the tabs on the ISO fulcrum chassis and No place for the chrome side pipes. I do not have a chassis to hold up the body to and compare if the holes match. I think they should but I do not know for sure.

Wheels base is 4".

This auction is for a 1970's COX body.



Will fit 1/24 scale. Very cool and rare find.


The greatest name in vintage slot cars collecting. Cox built the best quality cars and kits from 1964 to 1969 and today's collectors appreciate that quality. Cox sold their cars in RTR and kit form as well as parts. Body and chassis kits, wheels, tires, motors, axles, guides and gears were all sold separately. The kits are especially cherished but the factory-assembled RTR cars in their original boxes are also highly valued. A Blue Chip investment.

My Dad owned a Hobby Shop that closed in the early 1970's, and he kept some of the more interesting slot cars
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