Vintage Chenille Bedspread Fabric vtg Brown floral only one 24 x 18 inches

Chenille bedspread fabric Morgan Jones for blanket quilt pillow craft sewing ~~ Deep Chocolate Brown
COLOR : Rich, deep, chocolate brown.
PATTERN : Strong cotton brown background fabric with floral pattern.
CONDITION : Great vintage condition. No fading, holes or missing tufts.
SIZE: 18 x 24 inches. This is the only one I have. This pattern and color will not be duplicated. One of a kind item!
CUSTOM DYED: This is a custom dyed piece. The proper custom dyeing of chenille is extremely expensive and time consuming. All items are unique creations and the exact pattern and color will not be duplicated again. I do not use "grocery store" dyes like Rit or Kool-Aid. I use professional, high-quality, expensive dyes that are "set" so the color will not bleed out in the wash and ruin your project. Never purchase a fabric or spread that you suspect has been dyed unless the seller agrees to let you wash it to test the color-fastness of the. piece. The seller should also agree to allow you to return it after washing it if the item is not satisfactory to you. If they do not agree to do this don't buy it! For a seller who is confident in their knowledge and skill of fabric dyeing this should be no problem for them. Too many customers have emailed me about ruined projects from using a piece that had been dyed then ran,
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