Vintage Chenille Full Size Bedspread~Pink flowers~Plush

Pretty Vintage Chenille Bedspread~~Full Size~~

The spread is 93" wide plus fringe on both edges and approx. 105" long plus the fringe across bottom. Edges are rounded.

This is a plush bedspread with pretty pink flowers in two shades with what I would call a seafoam varigated stems & leaves. The flowers are 8" from top to bottom of stem...with the flower being approx. 4 1/2" wide. There are a dozen of these on the spread....3 rows of four each. Then along each side, there are two parallel rows of light pink tufts with a leaf or heart like pattern between. These light pink tufts also run all along the bottom edge where the fringe begins. The pretty 3" fringe is white.

This is such a nice spread, very pretty. The only issue I can see is some yellowing along the top edge up by where the pillows would lay and a little staining what looks to me to be along a fold line. I tried to show it in the last two pics..but isn't too bad. This is a Penney's Fashion Manor Bedspread identical to the lavender flowered spread I listed!...Maybe you would like both the pink and the lavender!!

This is a nice, usable bedspread.....but could be great for crafts also. Either way, you will LOVE it!!

Thank you for looking and !!

Will ship in USA (no Alaska) when payment is received. PayPal only, please.
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