Vintage Cherry Amber Pipe w/Gold & Silver Trim RARE NR

Hand Made Vintage Pipe carved of solid Cherry Amber, quite a RARE find! It's housed in it's original wooden case that is covered in leather that was made to simulate shagreen, it's lined in green velvet and marked genuine meerschaum? The pipe itself is 4 1/4in. long by 2in. high, it's trimmed in gold with a decorative silver flower applied to the gold bands. The interesting part of the pipe is why the heat does not destroy the amber? It seems the gold collar around the bowl lifts up to reveal a pottery or fabric bowl liner with holes at the bottom that's attached to it to hold the tobacco and thus keep the heat from the amber bowl. It's in good condition and still quite usuable, the only wear is on the outside of the case as I'm sure it was carried quite a bit. I've never seen a pipe carved from cherry amber and feel it's quite a rare piece that I'm sure would be the highlight of any pipe collection, meerschaum or otherwise. GUARANTEED OLD

I'll be more than happy to take paypal from any buyer out of the U.S.only as a convenience but not within the U.S as I find it impossible to use them successfully without losing money to them. Thank you for your understanding, and I do not give second chance offers on my items.