Vintage Child's Size TRI-ANG Metal Horse Sulky 3 wheels

This is a unique child's size pedal toy manufactured by Tri-ang (Lines Bros. - England ) This pedal toy is from the early to mid 1950's and was purchased by my grandmother. It has three wheels and is in good working condition. However, t is some rust, paint worn off and the tail and mane need repairing or replacing. The overall length of the sulky horse toy is 39" from the mane to the out stretched leg. The width at the back wheel base is 19" across and the height at the top of the head is 26 1/2". The back of the red seat is 16" off the ground and 10 1/2" in diameter. Each of the wheels is 10" in diameter. This toy was enjoyed by my brother and me when we went to our grandmother's house, but has been in storage ever since the 1950's.
The Lines Bros. were the makers of Tri-ang toys. Some of their original products were wooden horses in a range of sizes. The Lines family was first involved in the production of toys in 1850. The Tri-ang logo is on the back of the red seat and on the pedal. The triangle logo on some of the toys stands for the three sons of Joseph Lines, one of two of the original owners of the company.
This is a great collector's item. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.