#5 Vintage Chinese Hand Carved Handmade Jade / Stone Fish Pendant

Very nicely hand carved vintage fish that has lots of character and strong form. Well executed carving with lots of details. Nice color.

Look closely if you can see it in my photos - very cool how he blended in the lotus flower and pads and the sweeping tail into the core form. It could be hung and worn either face up or face down as desired. A nice addition for your collection.

Photos and summary below tell the story on this neat vintage fish pendant.


This collection of vintage and antique carved Chinese jade/stone fish and dragon pendants , were personally acquired in 1996 and 1997 in China (primarily the Shanghai area), in various Chinese antique stores or from vendors in weekend city flea markets.

The collection contains a mixture of both authentic jade antiques, (definitely 19 th century or possibly earlier) and more recent creations; this has been confirmed both in Chinatown San Francisco antique stores and by the Kansas City (Nelson Art Museum) staff.

In China both the fish and dragon hold great cultural and spiritual significance. Traditionally, ladies wear these around their necks and men to one side or the other hanging off their belt. They are suspended via fine silk thread, usually red. Often the thread is decorated by one or more beads immediately above
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