Vintage Chinese Macau Firecracker/Fireworks Label Lot /.Fireworks.

Labels will have wear and tear due to age. The age of these labels will range from Class One-DOT. They are old! They will have wear and tear! Our labels were hand carried by our father from China. � This lot has a reproduction Star Fireworks Catalog and an ORIGINAL Pyrotechnics Guild Vintage Calendar Never openeded. Because of his status as an expert in Fireworks History he was one of the only Americans allowed access to the factories. (we have two DVD tours of China for sale). WE DO NOT sell copies, please don't ask. We prefer not to due business with new eBayers because, well, we have problems with them . If you have an issue with our products, TELL US! In business since 1998, we aim to please every customer.
We are the original! We sell firecracker and fireworks memorabilia from early 1900's to present. At times, some of the labels will have wear and tear due to age. We bring to you fireworks, firecracker, and 4th of July Memorabilia personally imported by us from years of travels to china! WE NEVER SELL COPIES!
Please see YouTube for the Dennis Manochio Senior collection. At one time one of the largest in the country. Historian for the American Pyrotechnic Association . Founder of the Fourth of July Americana and Fireworks Museum. His collection was on CBS This
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