Vintage Chippewa fishing lure and original box

This week I will be selling three very nice old vintage fishing lures. I will try to describe each very well. My pictures on my computer are pretty good, but by the time they get to Ebay--who knows. This is a Chippewa lure from Blair Wisconsin made by Omar Immel. The box is from the distributor J. Frost of Stevens Point who is either the creator or at least associated with one of the other lures I am selling this week. The Chippewa Skipper. This acution is for a beautiful pike sized ,Chippewa in what I would call rainbow , but the box says "green back-white belly". So I guess that is what it is. It has some as made distortions in the paint inside the spinner cavity and what looks to be a blown out air bubble on the spinner mount. All hardware bright and shinney with no rust and original paint still on most of bottom hook holders. Eyes are perfect. All paint on spinner. A bit of varnish loss near spinner cavity on one side, but I am pretty sure it was never there to begin with. A couple age lines on bottom, all paint present. Overall I think this is as good as they get, and I don't believe it was ever out of the box until garage sale found about 18 years ago. The paint is bright and shinney. This is a scarce bait , in really amazing , beautiful, condition. I haven't owned many , but this is the best of the ones I have. I won't be ... read more