VINTAGE Christmas Greeting Card..LION/LAMB textured

Too, Too cute Vintage Christmas card 40's or 50's

is a really neat textured long card. The texture looks like chips of styrofoam or something. It is on the lions mane and tail, and on the sheep. It is also the snow.

Card is used and in very good condition. T is a note written by sender, and signed.

It is 3 1/2 x 8, and is stamped on the back Hawthorne Summerfield

Excellant card

You've just been lucky enough to step back in time. As Ebay is an addiction......I enjoy seeing how many people have the overwhelming passion for old, old goodies, as I do. I go to every yard sale, auction, barn, attic, etc. in sight, and storage choices are getting slim. (Wish I could keep everything I find.....but... hubby says ...don't think so.)

All the things I list ...ARE a step back in time. I try to examine and explain the items as best I can.... most are dusty and sometimes smell of years gone by. I list them as I found them...old and forgotten. ( I hope...hubby has forgotten we HAVE no more storage space.)

I'm having a hard time getting the postage deal down pat...kinda confusing all the ways you can ship a package....Heck I think the Postmaster is confused. So if the shipping amount looks wrong, please tell me....I don't charge for handling.....I love to handle
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