Vintage classic pure 100% Irish linen tea towel - BLUE STRIPE "BASIN CLOTH

This is the start of the collection of unused vintage Irish linen towels that I bought from the recent Country House Sale that I attended. (Check out my blog below for details about the sale). Looking at the collection there seems to be a towel for every houshold task - tea towels, glass towels, pantry towels, basin towels and finally stable towels or rubbers (these were used to rub down the horse after exercise or washing to help make the horse's coat shine but they are also excellent drying towels for dishes!)

Pure 100% classic Irish linen drying towel - BLUE CENTRE STRIPE - "BASIN CLOTH" . Measures 24" x 33". You are buying one - I have several of this design

All of the towels are unused but are old and have been stored for a long time. Whilst vintage linen does tend to be of better quality than any new linen sold today it may have some storage marks and will need washing before use (as all linen should be washed before use to remove the dressing applied by the manufacturer this should not be a problem).

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