This listing if for an Authentic CLAUDE MONET Art Print, from the 1960's. This is NOT a poster, and this is NOT a copy. This is an Original Print from Plates, printed in Japan, and it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Print measures 10 Inches High and 7 Inches Across. A wonderful addition to your collection, or a most memorable gift for a friend or a loved one. An assured heirloom. Remember, FREE PRIORITY Shipping to Anywhere in the World. BOULEVARD DES CAPUCINES. Oil on canvas, 31  Inches x 23 5/8th Inches. Collection Marshall Field III, New York. Monet was a close friend of the photographer known as Nadar, from whose studio he painted two views of the Boulevard des Capucines looking toward the Place de l’Opera. At the right edge of the painting we can barely discern silk-hatted figures who stand on a balcony located across the little Rue Danou which meets the Boulevard opposite Nadar’s corner window. Like Monet, these people observe a vista of strolling figures coming and going in the street below. The first Impressionist exhibition was held in Nadar’s studio. CLAUDE MONET (1840-1926) Though Edouard Manet may be considered the father of impressionism, it is Claude Monet who's name is synonymous with the style. Although his work showed great diversity and genius, he never wavered from ideals of the impressionistic design. ... read more