Vintage Clock; Darche Mfg Co, Flashlight Alarm Bank

A circa 1910 Darche Mfg. Co., "Flashlight Electric Alarm Bank and Call clock".

A very rare clock as shown in the NAWCC Bulletin dated April 2003 issue, chapter #178 Describes the Flashlight alarm clock as the rarest of Darche's clocks.

The light enables you to see the time at night and the alarm would wake up the dead.

The clock dial is in decent perfect condition with the original hands. T he chrome or nickle plated steel case is in decent to very good condition with some small rust spots, not that bad.

These clocks originally had an extension cord with a switch that allowed one to remotely light the dial to see the time at night {terminals intact on rear}. No battery included. The EIGHT day movement ticks and stops. This is a clean example for those who collect novelty or battery clocks.

(see photos) Overall I think the clock looks great.

The clock originally had an extension cord with a switch to turn on the light at night in order to see the time.

Dimensions: 7 3/4" H X 12 3/4" W X 5 3/4" D.