Vintage Clothing = Vintage 1970s Spectacular Dress

Vintage 1970s spectacular dress with hand stitched cording and the buttons are awesome. I have been told this is a european turn of the century to an early 1920s to a 1970s dress. So I am playing this one safe and will say it is a 1970s dress but oh so spectacular in every way. Who ever gets this spectacular dress is getting some thing very unique. All the cording which is beautiful and so ornate appears to be hand stitched. The buttons are all present and overall condition of this piece is in excellent shape. The material appears to be a heavy taffeta. To see this in person it is splendid. My pictures don't really capture the total beauty of this. Measurements are bust 38", waist 42" and it is a straight cut and overall length is 52", shoulder to shoulder is 17". Lots of wonderful ornamentation in this beautiful dress.