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ITEM DESCRIPTION: we have a rather large very old vintage/antique clown doll named Hank. My wife collects anything that has to do with clowns, dolls, figurines, buttons, patches, paintings ANYTHING- and I purchased this for her on ebay last April, she hates it, she wont even keep it out in the living room with the rest of her collection- says it freeks her out, she can't explain why- it just does! Now this clown was advertised as "haunted" in the original listing, We have not seen or heard any kind of paranormal activity from him, he just gives my wife the heebee-jeebee's! Hank measures roughly 3 feet tall, and he has a plastic head, hands, and feet(on the bottom of his left foot t is the name "Hank") and his body feels like it's stuffed with hay or something like that. he is very old and his clothing shows its age-fading, dis-coloring.

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