Vintage Coca Cola Coke Oak Barrel Soda Dispenser - Rare

Up for auction is a vintage oak barrel soda dispenser with drink Coca- Cola on front and lid of the barrel, also a round red Coca- Cola decal on side of barrel. The lid has a red round 5 cent label also. Its spout reads PAT. Multiplex Faucet St. Louis, K4666. The barrel is 28" tall with feet, and approx. 16" round. It weights 72 pounds. The spout has a pipe coming out the top(see picture), but I don't think that is original. The inside of barrel has all its tanks and guts, and sounds like it still has liquid in them, maybe carbonated water. I don't really know the exact year for this barrel. If anyone knows, it would be much appreciated. I do know from the little bit of research I have done, it could be from the 1900-1930's era. I have found very similiar barrels and they are pretty old. This dispenser is in nice shape and would be a great item to add to your Coca Cola or soda collection!