Vintage Coca-Cola-A Good Rule Ruler-The Golden Rule-Perfect Character wear-Coke

Vintage Coca-Cola Collectible Very Old Ruler
It reads on the front: A Good Rule "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You"
The Back Reads: Compliments The CocaCola Bottling Co
This would look perfect in any vintage or antique area of your home It would be best for display only You cannot recreate the wear and character of this piece. It has been in a home and used for years. This is for someone looking for that perfectly weathered and worn piece for display.
I don't want to make any misrepresentation of the wear and tear on this and only recommend it to a serious collector or someone that needs it to fill the perfect spot in a display case. This is not a "mint never used item", it is a "very used and waiting for a retirement case" conversation piece.
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