Vintage Cocktail Shakers (Two) with Recipe Book And 9 Stirrers

Two vintage cocktail shakers most likely from the 50's or 60's with a recipe book and 9 plastic cocktail stirrers.
Rooster cocktail shaker is 8 1/4" high without top and 10 3/3" high with top. It has has 8 recipes printed on the glass - whiskey sour, martini, daiquiri, bronx, side car, Manhattan, Bacardi and Alexander.
Paris motif cocktail shaker is 6 7/8" high without the top and 6 1/8" high with the top. It has has 6 recipes printed on the glass - manhattan, Tom Collins, martini, whiskey sour and old fashioned.
Recipe book is in good condition but is a bit wrinkled as it was stored in one of the cocktail shakers.
7 of the Cocktail stirrers say 'Men's Red Party - Brattelboro 1958'. Brattleboro is a town in southeast Vermont.