Jim Beam Liquor Bottle and theme featuring an antique 1913 'Western Electric' wall set " Common Battery " Telephone-Series#6. Developed and made by The James B. Beam Distillery Co., in 1982 to help raise funds for charity for infants who were hearing impaired. This info, in its full context, and is written on the silver label on the back of the bottle. The bottle is in excellent condition, no chips, cracks or breaks..T are chrome bell ringers on top, and the black receiver actually moves up and down when picked up, as does The Chrome mouth speaker, which Reads: " Western Electric" and a 3 Digit Telephone No#229. T is more info on the back of the mouth piece as well, reading: Property of the American Bell Telephone Company, and the year history and model of this realistic looking vintage Beam bottle/Telephone.The top front has a local Precinct Police station that reads-"North"-and The Station No#1249 on chrome at the bottom. The receiver has a very thick and old looking brown braided telephone cord attached. The Back of the Bottle reads: Creation of James B. Beam Distilling Co., KY-#-DRB-230, Genuine Regal china 1982-C.Miller. Regal china Corp., #145 liquor bottle, made in the U.S.A. Very high quality Jim Beam Bottle made of heavy pottery realistically stained in wood grain. .This series is #6 and the bottle is a rare and excellent ... read more