Vintage Collectible Schrade 80T Old Timer Pocket Knife

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Vintage Collectible

Schrade 80T Old Timer Pocket Knife

These Knives are highly sought after and hard to come by Vintage. This Knife was part of my Father-in-Laws collection and I believe he got this back in the 60's or at least according to his wife my Mother-in-Law. The knife features a Sawcut Delron handle with a shield stamped Old Timer on it. The Carbon Steel Blade is tang stamped Schrade NY USA 80T. T are 3 blades and they are still super sharp ( I found out the hard way). The knife is 4" long closed , all of the blades are non-locking and still have that nice snap . They are easy to sharpen and are supposed to be indestructable. T is some Black Tarnish? on the blades and the handle has some scuffs on it but she is still a beauty. I'm not certain how collectors judge condition but I'm fairly confident it would rate a Good to very good rating. Just a great old knife which is part of American Cutlery History. Should you have an questions about this Collectible Piece, please contact me and thanks for coming by.

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