Vintage, collector Bardahl automobile clock

This is RUNNING vintage 1959 Bardahl clock. It has been in the possession of my friend that worked int the performance auto industry for over 40 years. The patina is fantastic and the clock works great. The rounded clear front is not plastic but glass! The clock is labeled along the bottom edge Pam Clock Co. Inc. New Rochelle, N.Y. '59. The ad on it reads Ask For BARDAHL Makes Cars Run Better. It has The figure of aN undercover agent type person on it with a can of Bardahl oil in his jacket. The clock is about 14.5" square. The sign has some nice bright colors and looks really good. It has been in a Bardahl bag in a closet for the last 20+ years. I will include the bag as well. Please note that there is a small crack in the bottom left corner. Thanks for looking!