Vintage Colorful LARGE Paper Papel Mache Fish Tonala Jalisco Mexico Signed

THIS A vintage paper mache fish from Tonala Jalisco Mexico.... Signed on the bottom Made in Mexico and the artist initials JMM... Measures: 13" long x 12" high x 6.6" wide
Wonderful bright and colorful with only ONE tiny nicks photo Great for Nautical display or to add to your collection!!
HISTORY: Sermel is a papel mache studio/factory in Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico. The town of Tonala is/was one of the prominent ceramic/pottery centres of Mexico. It has a long and storied history in the decorative arts of pottery. Founded in 1963 by artists Sergio Bustamante and Melquiades Preciado, Sermel's original intent was to create objects of art: metal, hand painted wooden objects and utensils, furniture and papel mache. Their style was bright or current colour schemes, with fanciful play on the traditional decorative painting style that had defined Tonala for decades prior. Sermel quickly rose to prominence and fame in the decorative arts circles of Mexico and other parts of the world. Mostly due to their work being purchased by American tou All of Sermel's work was signed as such. However, through collecting, I've discovered that many artisans that worked for Sermel, either left to produce duplicate work on their own or copied on the side. rists in the late 1960s.
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