Rare Vintage Columbia Sur D Pro Bowling Ball 16 lb.




Here is your chance to own a bit of bowling history. Up for auction is an undrilled Columbia Sur D Pro bowling ball. This ball was banned by the American Bowling Congress (ABC, now the USBC) in the 1970s. It is still an outlaw and is not legal for league or tournament play.

Back in the early 1970's, a pro bowler was searching for a way to make his bowling ball hook more. The bowling balls of the day were manufactured at 80 hardness or more, measured by a durometer. The pro bowler soaked his hard plastic bowling ball in a chemical, methyl ethyl ketone. The coverstock softened into the 60 to 70 range. He went on to win six pro tournaments in 1973 with his soaked invention. Word spread about the 'soakers' and the Columbia 300 corporation of San Antonio, Texas subsequently manufactured a soft coverstock ball, the Sur D Pro. The ball was sold without a warranty due to its soft cover. Pro bowlers had such success on the tour with the Sur D, that ABC set standards for minimum hardness of a coverstock. The Sur D Pro thus was outlawed from competition.

Up for auction is probably one of the few remaining undrilled specimens. It has a soft shell and a sticker stating that the ball has no warranty. It comes with the original box. The ball shows some scuffing and
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