Vintage Compact-Rubinstein Baroque Dbl Vanity c1947

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Vintage Compact - Helena Rubinstein Baroque Double Vanity c1947

Featured in 1947 ads...Beautiful Rubinstein Classic...Bright Goldtone...The Lid is Black Enamel surrounded in a Bright, Slightly Raised Baroque Design

Compact Dimensions: 2 3/4" x 3 1/4"

Mirror: Framed and Intact and Clear, one 1/4" scratch lower right

Hinges and Clasps in fine order

Sides: Excellent Condition...very light wear, Marked Made in USA, Helena Rubinstein, Pat #2217910 which was issued on October 15, 1940

Interior: Covered Polished Goldtone Powder Well, no puff...Excellent Condition

Lipstick: Empty Lipstick...Swivels up nicely...Case has a repeat of the Baroque design...Very light wear, base signed

Base: Goldtone Linear...Brighter than shown in photo, Excellent Condition

Lid: Black Enamal...Intact with scratches...Very High Shine. Goldtone much brighter than photo...very light scratches

This Vanity is featured in The Collectors Encyclopedia of Compacts, 1999 Values, Laura M. Mueller, Pg #106-107 & 108. Listed 1999 Value $125-$150 with Presentation Case...Compact only $90-$100

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