Vintage RARE Compaq Deskpro Model 1 8086 desktop DOS IBM compatible computer

1. Compaq Deskpro computer 2. Compaq Deskpro monitor 3. Northgate Omnikey mechanical keyboard
Really good condition. Has Word Perfect 4.2 installed, comes with a box of blank Floppy Disks.
The Compaq Deskpro was a line of business-oriented personal computers manufactured by Compaq, discontinued after the merger with Hewlett-Packard. Models were produced containing microprocessors from the 8086 up to the Intel Pentium 4.
A Compaq Deskpro 6333 from the late 1990s.The original Compaq Deskpro, available in several disk configurations, was equipped with an 8MHz 8086 CPU and Compaq's unique display hardware that combined Color Graphics Adapter graphics with high resolution Monochrome Display Adapter text. As a result, it was both considerably faster than the IBM PC and had a much better quality text display compared to an IBM PC equipped with graphics. It was first released in 1984
On June 28, 1984 Compaq released the Compaq Deskpro, a 16-bit desktop computer using an Intel 8086 microprocessor running at 7.14 MHz. It was considerably faster than an IBM PC and was, like the Compaq Portable, also capable of running IBM software. This was the first of the Compaq Deskpro line of computers
CPU (NPU) 8086 (n/a) Classification 16-bit Computer AT Clock 8 MHz Address Space 1024 KB Memory Size 1024 KB Floppy A: 5.25" 360 KB B:
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