VINTAGE Compaq SLT 386s/20 EARLY LAPTOP - A collectors item from 1990 VERY RARE

This early laptop is in good condition but is not working. I guess that it is the internal battery. It comes with the power lead and its original bag.

Model No: 2680A.

Compaq Computer Corp. Compaq Computer Corp.. (Houston, Texas, USA)
Release date 1990 (date du BIOS) 1990 (BIOS)
Model: SLT 386s/20 SLT 386s/20
Processor i80386SX � 20 MHz i80386SX 20 MHz
Memory: 2048 KB RAM Storage Floppy 3 "1 / 2 1.44 MB. IDE Hard Disk 20 MB
Interfaces : Interfaces Video externe VGA External VGA Video
Software: Ms-Dos 3.31 Compaq MS-DOS 3.31 Compaq

Manufacturer: Compaq
Date: 1990"

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