RARE VINTAGE COMPLETE SET Penthouse Portfolio 1970s

up for auction:
EXTREMELY RARE, COMPLETE SET OF 27 heavystock Penthouse Portfolio images of former Penthouse pets from the 1970s including:
Vida Farthing
Marian Maylam
Lesley Harrison
Marianne Gordon
Janet Dunphy
Viva Helziger
Franca Petrov
Maggi Burton
Cassandra Harrington
Lynn Partington
Maureen Renzen
Jacquie Simmons Jude
Judy Jones
Nevenka Dundek
Isobel Garcia Orobiyi
Lottie Gunthart
Lynn Carey
Josee Troyat
Billie Deane
Karen Sather
Jennifer Furse
Billie Rainbird
Lynette Asquith
Angela Adams
Patricia Barrett
Helen Caunt
Sharon Bailey
size: 11x17
condition: outer booklet shows lots of wear on edges and throughout, all pictures are vibrant and clear, have slight edgewear, most have upper right hand cornerwear, but overall these are in EXCELLENT CONDITION and still presentable, no wrinkles, stains, creases or other major condition flaws in the middle of the images themselves from a quick inspection
these are hard to find!!!!!! , some INCOMPLETE partial sets are sold for over $100
get the complete, rare set of 27 starting with a low opening bid of $39.99, shipping will be $6.00