Vintage Compur AGFA Solinear 13.5 CM Camera Lens

I Will Start By Saying I Know Next To Nothing About This Or Any Other Lens I Have I Was At An Estate Sale & Got A Lot of Vintage Camera's and Parts This Lens Looks Like It May Need Cleaned, But I Don't See Any Scratches It Seems To Work? It Looks Like It Would Screw Into The Camera

I'm not an expert at anything I have listed, but try my best to take good pictures and describe things very well. I'm sure I might miss a little detail, so Please, If you have any questions, please ask. Thanks!

If interested, please see the other items I have for sale. I will Gladly Combine Shipping!

Thanks so much for your interest! I am a one "Man" Show and I get 99.9% of my items from Estate Sales. I ask that you please not penalize me with a Neutral or Negative Feedback because of a little dirt (I do NOT clean my items and try to let you know that) or a damaged box that is 25 years old (that I clearly say has wear) or if something comes loose in transit that can very easily be put back on. These are things I can't help and if I took the time to clean everything I would never get to list anything. I feel I list my items at a Fair Price and I really don't want to be shut down because of these petty little things.
If I do something that is Really wrong, please contact me and I will do all in my power to make it right!!! Thanks
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