Vintage Conqueror Electric Guitar & Fender Tele Gig Bag

Vintage Conqueror Electric Guitar & Fender Tele Gig BagMIJ Electric Guitar beauty in 1960's vintage white must
Vintage Conqueror Electric Guitar & Fender Tele Gig Bag
This guitar plays well and sound great through a marshall
The rosewood fretboard looks Brazillian but I do not think they used that in the 60's in Japan
Maple neck thin body (1 5/16th")
She s all t like her sister from the states!
I believe this was made in the 1960's and the vintage color looks incredibly cool
The super slinky strings help make for nice low action
Electronics cleaned and functioning great
Nut measures 1 1/16th" and the nut to bridge is 25"
I show (in some photos) this guitar on the left next to my 1966 Fender Telecaster as the finish is almost identical and the body
is also extremely similar .....What were they thinking over t in Japan...? Simply a r emarkable concurrence of events or
circumstances without apparent causal connection has occurred to be so similar or some would say that it
is no coincidence that this new burst of innovation has evolved without connection....LOL
Great 1960's Made in Japan guitar
Ready to rock
No issues
Grab her neck and she will love you forever.
Packed professionally and shipped fast!
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