Superb vintage American La France Fire Engine Co. Inc. copper & brass fire extinguisher.

" In 1873, in the midst of the American Industrial Revolution, Truckson LaFrance, with his partners, started the LaFrance Manufacturing Company in order to produce hand pumps and rotary steam engines based on LaFrance's new patents. As his designs began winning major national competitions, the Lafrance name began to spread.

At the turn of the century, the LaFrance Fire Engine Company joined with the American Fire Engine Company to become the American LaFrance Fire Engine Company.

Throughout the early to mid-twentieth century, through two World Wars, and the urban boom of the 50's and 60's, American LaFrance continued to be at the forefront of fire apparatus design and manufacture. Many of the models produced then are now considered prized collector's items, and have found proud places in museums and private displays all over the world.

This beauty would be a showpiece for even a museums collection. The copper body is in excellent condition while the brass base shows only a minor dent shown in the photos. These well built "loose stopple type No. A" extinguishers are getting harder and harder to find and, original as this one is, nearly impossible. Measuring approximately 24"x9", and weighing approximately
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