Vintage Copper Stock pot 8" Jean Matillon France Tin

Hello friends,

This is a wonderful, old vintage, solid copper, tin lined stockpot,in really great usable condition. Made in France in the workshop of Jean Matillon, it is marked "Jean Matillon Made in France"to the left of one handle. A fine old stock pot, it holds 3 3/4 Qt, and is 8" in diameter, and 4 1/2" deep. It has 1.5 mm copper wall thickness, weighs in at 3Lb. 5 oz., and has nice cast brass handles on the sides, each tightly fastened with 3 copper rivets, a high quality feature. The heavy, hand applied tin is completely intact, but there is a small amount of age staining. In fact the pot appears to have had little or no use, rare for a pot of this vintage. I collect copper ware, but have no place for pieces that duplicate the purpose of those I already have in use. So, much as I find this one appealing, I need to move it on. I particularly like the appearance of the rustic hand work on the handles, the atypical appearance, and slightly unfinished look of them. This, along with the uneven, obvious hand applied tin are a link to the hand craftsmen of the past. The flush heads of the rivets on the inside, completely sealed with tin, are another of those touches that are not found on modern pans. They are more sanitary, and less obtrusive, thus making for smoother stirring, and less wear. Most modern pans first wear to
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