Vintage Corgi Toys 1124 Launcher for Corporal Missile

ThisCorgi Major Toys Launcher for the Corporal Missile was made in Great Britain in 1960 or 1961. The distance between the wheels is 5 cm. I don’t know the scale used. It is in excellent condition. Apart from a small scratch on the base the green paintwork has no damage that I can see, but the silver paint has worn in places. There is some surface rust on the springs under the platform but the only significant damage I can find is a groove cut into one of the tyres. Both wheels rotate freely and the functions I have tried, including the height adjustment, all worked well. I know that the tow bar and wheels can be removed from this model but I have not attempted to do this as I am not sure how it should be done.
I can provide the gallery picture as a jpeg attached to an email on request: I don't need an email address to do this. This will allow potential bidders to magnify the images many times and see far more detail.
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