Vintage & Rare Cortez Lawsuit Dove Acoustic Guitar MIJ

Up for your consideration is a beautiful Vintage Cortez lawsuit Gibson Dove copy not exactly sure of year but my guess would be late '60s early '70s... Guitar itself is in good condition structurally with the exception of the inlay on the 15th fret which is missing (refer to photo #7)... The guitar is very old and has quite a bit of checking in the finish (I tried to capture it as best to what it looks like in person in photos #2 and #4)... There are no actual cracks through the wood as far as I can see but obviously there's quite a bit of checking in the finish... There's also some wear and tear around the sound hole (please refer to photo #6)... And obviously dings and scratches, but overall in pretty nice shape for it's age... Cosmetically, it's a 6 out of 10 mostly due to the checking in the finish... Very nice replica of the Gibson Dove and does in fact have the open book headstock which brought on the lawsuit to many of these Japanese guitar manufacturers... Very desired and sought after due to the fact that they were built so well, many believing built just as nice... Plays very nicely and sounds beautiful... All original with the exception of the tuners, which were put on by the previous owner... The guitar is sold exactly as described and photographed and there are no returns... I will ship it internationally but please ... read more