Vintage Cory Vacuum 8 Cups Double Bubble Coffee Maker / Hot Pot Very Nice!!

This listing is for a Vintage Cory 8 Cups Vacuum Coffee Maker, Model ACB-2. Because of its style, it is sometimes called a double bubble coffee maker.
It also includes the Cory glass filter rod and power cord.
Operation is quite simple. Place the desired amount of water in the base hot pot, then place the steeping pot on top. Put the glass filter rod in place in the top steeping pot, then add the desired amount of coffee grounds around the glass filter rod and place the lid on top. Plug the unit in to power it on.
The water is heated to a boil. It rises from the bottom hot pot into the top steeping pot where it continues to boil a bit, then steeps with grounds for a few minutes. After a bit, it slowly is released back into the bottom hot pot which keeps it at serving temp until it is unplugged.
The entire process takes about 15 minutes or so, so if you want a quick pot of coffee, this maker is not for you. Half the fun of this maker is watching it go through its brewing process.
It stands 13" tall, and is 6 1/2" wide / deep.
The rubber seal is good, no cracks. It is still pliable. The glass filter rod is perfect. Both lids are good, no cracks. The top pot and bottom hot pot are good, only a couple small dings.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
I ship via usps parcel
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