Vintage Costa Rica 5 centimos coins bracelet, c. 1940

Good condition on this vintage artisan bracelet, made of Costa Rica 5 centimos coins, which are dated from 1936 to 1942. Looks like these coins are brass and were silver-plated by the artisan. Bracelet is 7 inches long and .75 inches wide, and is composed of 19 Costa Rice 5 centimos coins. The linkages and the clasp all tested as sterling silver. The silver-plating has worn away in spots on the coins due to coin-to-coin contact. Coins are marked on the front "REPUBLICA DE COSTA RICA" with the date of the coin and marked on the back "5 CENTIMOS AMERICA CENTRAL" with the initials either "G.C.R." or "G.R." This bracelet was purchased at an estate auction in Pennsylvania.