Vintage Costume Adjustable Secret Compartment Hematite Oval Ring

Hello, and welcome to my auction.

***** My goal is to provide you with 5 STAR service *****

***** 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed *****

I thank you for taking the time to stop and look at a beautiful treasure ring, I have for auction. It is from an estate sale. And was p urchased for your consideration to bid.

I am not a jeweler. I do not sell new items, and I am only human. Mistakes can be made. But I would, in no way, deliberately try to deceive a buyer. As proof, when you receive your item, if there is a flaw that has been over looked, I will gladly refund your purchased price. Just let me know what the problem is. Mail it back, and the purchase price will be returned to your paypal account. But please, do not take advantage of my kindness. My items are from estate sales, I have no way of being completely sure of the age. Much of the time, I am completely sure, but some of the time, it is just a guess. We try very hard to present accurate and reliable information on all items, including precious gems and stones. You may find some inaccuracies here, but you will not find any attempts at deception. Normal wear and signs of use are expected, and are what gives the piece charm and desirability.

This is a beautiful ring. It is in near new condition. The gold metal is all shiny, with no dark
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