Vintage Cowboy Card Games " Round Up " 2 versions

Goodness, my Father's tack room is over-flowing and the job of clearing it out has fallen to me. If you hang with me for months to come, you will see some beautiful treasures...., These two packs of cards were in a desk drawer along with some other cowboy toys. I am not positive all the cards are there, but they sure look cute displayed. One set " Round up " made by Parker Brothers inc. Probably around the 1920's. The second set is also " Roundup". Spelled differently. I think this one might be from the 1930's or 40's. This game is made by Whitman. They are fragile and the first set has the instructions and could possibly have all the cards.... just a cool ol' couple of cowboy games. I will box your games and ship parcel post. Good-luck and thank-you for your time.

The rowels still SPIN !