Vintage Cox Helldiver airplane, .049, and pilot.

I’m moving soon, and it’s time to clear out some of my collection. Check out my other items as they get listed. I picked up most of these goodies at an estate sale about 20 years ago, so I only know their history back to that point. They have been kept in a smoke free / pet free home since then.

Cool old Cox Helldiver - mostly complete, but t are some things missing. The tail wheel and elevator linkage aren't t, and I don't know if t was a guy in the back seat? The rear canopy is cracked, the pilot's little parachute hook is broken-off, and one of the elevator pivot pins is missing. The little tabs that hold the engine are worn away, so the engine doesn't sit securely in its mount. T appears to be discoloration from fuel or (?) but the parts all seem to be dry - t's no fuel smell or residue. Looks like t is an extra landing gear leg. The wheels don't stay on the axles - not sure if they are original. The engine turns through OK - a bit sticky, but still has compression. It would probably need to be carefully gone through before trying to use it again. All that aside, this is totally restorable and is in pretty decent condition for an airplane that has obviously seen many hours in the air. I always thought this was one of the best looking Cox planes - lots of detail, and the ejecting pilot feature was great! Give this old war-bird
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