Vintage Cradle. Ancient Hand-Carved Antique Crib. OLD!!

This auction features a Very Old antique hand-carved crib or cradle from who knows when? I got this from a neighbor lady who is about 80 years old who was cleaning out her garage. She has had this for many, many years and decided she didn't need it anymore. She gave me this in exchange for helping her clear out her life-long accumulations. I really don't know anything about this type of thing so I will do the best I can to describe it. The lady said she thinks it is about 200 years old (+or-) and may be from Pakistan? (I can't remember what country she said ).

If anybody has any information on this unique item please send me your educated comments so I could add them to my listing. (Please view photos to see what my description lacks).


This cradle/crib is made of hand carved solid wood with what appears to be horse-hair or hemp for the bottom. All joints are notched-in and the only metal used was hand-formed to hold the decorative Eagle adornments. The arch-shaped frame isn't exactly the same as the other, as one side has more of a noticeable bow to it, which adds to it's character and uniqueness. I see no signs of modern repair. The condition is very well-preserved and the horse-hair/hemp is mostly intact. T is no rot! The dimensions are approximately 26" long, 20" high by 12" wide. I'm thinking
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