vintage Cross Century Fountain Pen chrome Made USA

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Company history
America's oldest manufacturer of fine writing instruments was established in 1846. Manufacturing in the Providence, RI, facility first was limited to elegantly tooled gold and silver casings for wooden pencils.

With more than 21 registered patents, the A. T. Cross Company soon developed and marketed many important "firsts" in the field of writing instruments. These include the propel-repel mechanical pencil, a forerunner of today's mechanical pencils, and the Stylographic pen, the precursor of the ball-point pen by more than 70 years.
Item Description
Vintage Cross Century Chrome Fountain Pen.
Very Rare model
Metal chrome body
Metal chrome cap
Excellent design
Nice handling
Nibsize is "M".
NO cartridge inside.
Made in USA.
Please see the photo.
Common Note : My All pens are show exact picture if you agree then bid it.
I have clean the pen But some pens didn't clean due to its age of rust.

Condition & Size
The pen has some age wear/light scratches, which is common in a piece of this vintage, and does not greatly detract.
Otherwise, it is in good condition.
it measures approximately 5.10" in length.

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