Vintage Cross Rose Gold Filled in box shows 1982 in Manual Pen Felt cover Choice

This is an auction for a Cross rose gold filled pen as shown. I dont know much about pens but this one seems real nice all around, I was going to list it as new but I changed my mind, I dont know if these pens came sealed or if they are supposed to have a mirror finish or like that so take a look at the pics, please don't hesitate with any specific questions and thank you for looking.
I have many pen, ink and pencil auctions including a lot of 448 vintage pens, a lot of 668 ink packages, I also have many nice single pens & older mechanical pencils up for auction now including an antique Wahl 14k nib jade? fountain pen, you can use this link to view my other auctions... http://stores./Issuarian
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