9 Vintage CUCKOO CLOCKS ~ Regula ~ Made in Germany

This auction is for nine (9) vintage cuckoo clocks, all of which are marked Made in Germany or Made in West Germany. My knowledge of cuckoo clocks is very limited and I am unable to tell if these clocks are in working condition. All of the clocks were purchased at various estate sales. Most of them have little cosmetic problems (and possibly mechanical problems) and most are missing their pendulums. There are several weights included, however, I cannot tell which weights go with which clocks. This would be a perfect lot of clocks to use for parts or restoration. I will try to describe each clock, however, please ask questions if you would like more detailed information about a particular clock. The descriptions of the clocks will start with the left-hand clock in the top row and then continue left to right and then the bottom row left to right also. 1) This clock measures 8" wide, 11" tall and 5 1/2" deep. One clock hand is broken off. The bottom leaf piece is broken and needs to be glued and the left leaf has a tip broken off. There is no pendulum. The movement is marked Regula, Made in Germany, Unadjusted No (O) Jewels, L. Schyle Sohn. 2) This clock measures 9" wide, 11" tall and 5 1/2" deep. The cuckoo door is lopsided and one clock hand is broken off and some numbers are missing from the face of the clock. There is no pendulum. ... read more