Vintage Custom American Spinner Yo Yo Holiday Sale

Vintage Classic Rare,"Custom Series," "B lack Rose," Swarovski Jeweled original Wooden One Piece American Spinner's Yo Yo set with Yo Yo garage and all the original sales paperwork, sticker, and color sales flyer.

Holiday Sale

These Yo Yo's are New Old stock from, "Bill Cress, the original owner and Yo Yo champions' private collection. I purchased these from him, and as I lived nearby drove up to pick them up. I got a chance to meet this Yo Yo legend in person. What a wonderful man who did so much for the Art of Yo-Yoing. He made me a deal I could not refuse on the remainder of his extensive Yo Yo collection. Included were some of his original classic One Piece Yo Yo's as well as his wooden Pocket Rocket collection, there were even some custom Yo Yo's and his Historic Venice Beach collection which were still in the sales demonstrators marketing suitcase.

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I will mail the Flyer in a separate envelope to insure you get it in good non wrinkled shape.

More information on American Spinners can be found on line or check out the Yo Yo Museums on line.