Once in a previous lifetime I worked at Lord & Taylor as the manager of the Fine Jewelry Department. Since I got such great discounts as an employee I ended up buying far more that I could ever wear. I am continually amazed and then frightened by the amount of clothing that I brought home, ripped the tags off saying MINE and then slid it into the closet waiting til I could fit into it. There also was an Ann Taylor, Chico's and Macy's in the mall where I spent my lunch hour. Of course I can never pass up a deal or some great piece of clothing or jewelry, so.... now that I have retired it is the time to let some go to new homes. My friends and family have also volunteered me to sell their "never going to fit in these" items so I am keeping busy. I also have packrat in my family heritage and so I have numerous items of home decor and furnishings. Feel free to email me with any questions. Laura Enjoy!
Here are seven lovely handpainted Czeckoslovakian porcelain plates trimmed in gold. These vintage plates are marked Czechoslovakia with a small flower that looks like a daisy and the pattern # 661/3477. All of the plates are in excellent condition with no discernable wear and no chips, cracks or crazing. The plates measure 10 3/4" diameter.
Email me with any questions that you have before or after your purchase. I cherish
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